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Short Stories, Essays and Poetry

Short Stories

Nadja and the Dream of Teeth by J.P. Bohannon
The Permit by Tom Brennan
The Scent of Jasmine by Tom Brennan
The Colored Girl in the Constellation by Shawn Casselle
There is No Such Thing as Schicksal by Shawn Casselle
Blue Danube by Melanie Challenger
Defrosting by Mike Dixon
Blueberries by James Jay Egan
Birdland by William Fiennes
Cairo By Midnight by Patrick Michael Finn
Bookcruncher by Tibor Fischer
The Minister’s Son by John Gardiner
The Melancholy Man by John Gardiner
My One Great Love by John Gardiner
When toffee-apples turn to juice by Martin John Goodman
We love to dance by Ruth M. Harris
Chessman by Will Harwood
Guys Who Knew the Score by Jim Hazard
Pursuit by Georgette Heyer
1994 by Christopher Hope
Flexigation by Brian Howell
Half a Life by Brian Howell
The Accountant and the Dogwalker by Fred Keeler
Invisible Architecture by Steven Kelly
Joe Laughed by James Kelman
All Gone by Charles Lambert
The House in the Woods by Anuradha Lazarre
Kitty Hawk by Edward Lynskey
The Day of the Gecko by Shena Mackay
The Restraint of Beasts by Magnus Mills
Conor and the Polish Girl by Chris Paling
The Silent Sentry by Chris Paling
Lawn by Johnny Petrol
Viennese Blood by Sylvia Petter
Lo and Behold by Frederic Raphael
Frida Kahlo by James Reich
Loop by Keith Ridgway
Summer Holiday by Asim Rizki
Shutting Darkness Down by Jim Sallis
The Christmas Card by Jason Starr
The Cut Man by F.X. Toole
The Projectionist by Susan Warring
Thieves by Richard Yates


Walking Meditation by Chris Arthur
The Revolution Ends at Dawn by Bruce Gatenby
Editorial contra Editorial by Amanda Jeremin Harris
How to Roll a Joint by Howard Marks
The Furies of Irish Fiction by Julia O’Faolain
A Commencement Address to Bard College by Salman Rushdie
Eros by Tim Parks
Books, the Next Millennium by Tim Parks
Rancour by Tim Parks
The Capture of the Snark by E. Fuller Torrey, M.D. and Judy Miller


Epitaphs by Shawn Casselle
Six Poems by Polly Clarke
Soil by William Coldicott
Four Poems by Carmen Firan
Nocturnes by Octavio R. Gonzalez
An Essay and Two Poems by Andrey Gritsman
Ambition by S.C. Hahn
Four Poems by John Horvath Jr
Five Poems by John Kinsella
1902. Zurich The Study of Time by Jo Neace Krause
Archipelago by Oswald Le Winter
The Last Diaspora and Wild Corner by Oswald LeWinter
Three Poems by Paisley Rekdal
Five Poems by Peter Robinson
Breather by Sumanta Sanyal
Collected Poems by Edward Thomas
Three Poems by Grainne Tobin
Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em by Patrick Walsh
Three Poems by Chris Weige


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