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Short Story
Blueberries by James Jay Egan
“…We ain’t got beaches here. And you can’t swim in your underwear at a beach…”

Ambition by S.C. Hahn
“…The Jaws of Life…”

Short Story
The Snail Race by Harvey Sutlive
“…It took Father Glaspar a few days to get over the lab/incubator episode…”

Ground Zero by James Reich
“…The spiked and beckoning earth…”

Our Lady; Pieta by Janet Fisher
“…You might, if you wanted, step from this window / onto the roof…”

Poems by Otilia Nicolescu Translated by Heathrow O’Hare
In memoriam 10 January 1931 – 29 September 1993

Short Story
Don’t Tell Chloe by Shawn Casselle
“…Henry was already famous in the family by the age of fifteen …”

Feature Item
An Interview with Brian Howell by Elizabeth P. Glixman
“…Art and Artistry…”

“…The heron ponds of Thebes have found their metaphor…”

Short Story
There is No Such Thing as Schicksal by Shawn Casselle
“…Look, my Love Life in a nutshell…”

Frida Kahlo by James Reich
“……a man brings beads for your neck/and pities the stars that repeat/in the darkness of your eyes……”

Blue Danube by Melanie Challenger
“…into the blue beak of a waiting gosling…”

Plainsong by Estill Pollock
“…Our lives go by to nowhere,…”

Giraffe by Yoshihiro Okumura
“…Yellow under the African sun…”

Short Story
Minus Exquisite by SJ McNulty
“…He saw it coming…”

Two Poems by Julie Craig
“…Sunlight on the line…”

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Book Review
The Origins of Tragedy and Other Poems, by Kenneth Rosen
“…Rosen is a master…” (Oswald LeWinter)

Book Review
Netherworld by Robert Temple
“The next time someone asks your star sign, talk to them about lumps on the organs of cattle, or cracks in old tortoise carapaces…” (Ben Hawes)

Book Review
Microcosm by Norman Davies and Roger Moorhouse
‘…an impressive and timely history of one of the continent’s great cities…'(C.J. Schüler)

Book Review
Exquisite Mayhem by Theo Ehret
‘…the crucial, and perhaps only, link to the extravagant, inexplicable, histrionic, and downright reptilian world of predominantly female flesh that was…Apartment Wrestling…’ (Kim Hjelmgaard)

Book Review
Personal Velocity by Rebecca Miller
‘…Miller has a poet’s ability to always choose exactly the right word or phrase…’ (Michael Redman)

Book Review
Painted Shadow: A Life Of Vivienne Eliot by Carole Seymour-Jones
‘…The reader who is not an Eliot scholar will be left with the impression that Vivenne Eliot was a poor thing who took a good photograph…’ (Amanda Jeremin Harris)

Book Review
All-American Ads of the 50s Edited by Jim Heimann
“…Ours is an age fully attuned to the manipulative and seductive ploys of advertisements. Or so we vehemently tell ourselves…” (Kim Hjelmgaard)

Book Review
Catullus in English edited by Julia Haig Gaisser
“…After centuries of neglect, Catullus’ fame has burnt a slow fuse from the Fourteenth Century to the present day…” (Gregor Milne)

Book Review
Prince of Princes: The life of Potemkin by Simon Sebag Montefiore
“…his forensic eye and readable style place Montefiore among biography’s top names…” (Michael Redman)

Book Review
Unfinest Hour: Britain and the destruction of Bosnia by Brendan Simms
“…designed to bring to light the mistakes of perception and understanding perpetrated not only by the British policy elite but also the popular press…” (Michael Redman)

Book Review
Tiepolo’s Hound by Derek Walcott
“…takes as its theme the issue of artistic identity and exile…” (Amanda Jeremin Harris)

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