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Ground Zero
Poetry by James Reich

The spiked and beckoning earth,
These once beautiful fangs
And the hands in the dirt,
Grit and godbless
Seen through steel mesh,
Thousands of eyes
Poured like concrete,
To fix moments.

New York, 21st June 2003

Copyright © James Reich 2003

James Reich is a writer from Bath, England, and is currently working on a novel entitled Dragonhead. His band, The Deer Park, are reminiscent of The Psychedelic Furs and Sonic Youth. He and The Deer Park can be contacted through www.jamesreich.com

This poetry may not be archived or distributed further without the author’s express permission. Please read the license.

This electronic version of Ground Zero is published by The Richmond Review by arrangement with the author. For rights information, contact The Richmond Review in the first instance


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