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Rising and Tuning In
Poetry by Julie Craig


Sunlight on the line,
potential at its tip-
the rest, a dance.

Tuning In

She broadcasts indignation
in the strident enunciation
a Belfast life engenders:

How do you know that?

she demands,
the weight of her faith
on each insistent syllable.

Have you been there?

And she is right, of course.
For so many in this world,
flags will fly in the next.

Copyright © Julie Craig 2003

Originally from Boston, MA, USA, Julie Craig left the country at the end of 1993. She has since lived in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Botswana and now England. She has been writing most of her life, receiving her first by-line at the age of 14 and publishing her first poem at 18. Poetry credits in the US include Sunshine Magazine and The Pearl. Since her arrival in England around eight months ago, her work has appeared in The Black Rose, Aireings, and A Bard Hair Day.

This poetry may not be archived or distributed further without the author’s express permission. Please read the license.

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