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Demon Dog Central

James Ellroy resources at The Richmond Review and beyond

Welcome to Demon Dog Central, the Main Place on the Web for info about the Main Dog of American Letters. Hop on board, hepcats:

Stop One:

“Call Me Dog” by Paul Duncan

This major Ellroy retrospective and interview first appeared in Crime Time magazine. We’re delighted to bring an expanded version to the Web of the best Ellroy article we’ve ever read – and rumour has it the Dog rates it likewise. Enjoy:

Stop Two:

Since I Don’t Have You by James Ellroy

Yes, short shrift from the Demon Dog himself: Buzz Meeks, Howard Hughes, Mickey Cohen and Mickey Cohen’s dog getting down and dirty in the Dog’s home town.

Stop Three:

The Sub-Definitive Ellroy on Ellroy edited by Steven Kelly

A big fat bunch of lovingly collated, highly rated Dogma – more skinny than you can shake a stick at.

Stop Four:

A Quick Chat with James Ellroy: A Dog’s Life in Kansas City by Scott Reder

The Dog interviewed by The Richmond Review’s very own Kansas City Correspondent.

“Great Fucking Movie. Better Fucking Novel.” by Scott Reder

The screen version of LA Confidential thoroughly dissected – with some choice observations from the Dog himself.

Stop Five:

Title Information about the UK editions of the Dog’s ooovruhh

Stop Six:

Elsewhere on the Web
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  • Review at at
    Onion interview Ellroy Confidential

Stop Eight:

Usenet, Lists and Search rec.arts.mystery
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